Everything you see, I created JUST to make blue circuits. That's 10.8K green CPM (12 full belts)

2021.10.23 03:02 Ganymede105 Everything you see, I created JUST to make blue circuits. That's 10.8K green CPM (12 full belts)

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2021.10.23 03:02 Electronic_Ant_7882 How do I get girls off my mind?

So fellow dudes, how do you guys stop obsessing about girls all the time. Since I’m not really a ladies man. Still a virgin at 21 and have never even kissed a girl so I don’t really have any success with them. So I’ve decided I’m done pursuing girls and I’m not gonna go asking girls out anymore. So how do you guys get girls off your mind and not think about them anymore?
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2021.10.23 03:02 zack220011 Sorry if this is a repost

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2021.10.23 03:02 CDPCoin Giggity

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2021.10.23 03:02 juannkulas IWTL how to increase/improve my stamina/endurance

today, we went to the memorial park to clean up my grandma's mausoleum. after doing little bit of work i started to gas out and was rendered useless for half of the time it took the whole place. how do i fix myself?
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2021.10.23 03:02 rmrclean Unpopular opinion: Second, third, etc. printings are not that different than reprints. I don’t feel like a “low print run” fourth printing of a book should be more valuable than a first printing. I know the answer is supply & demand, but I still find it bizarre.

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2021.10.23 03:02 consensualwisdom how do i deal with post interview anxiety

i'm a college sophomore going through the internship interview process for the first time. i'm the only girl in most of my classes, so it's been a little hard for me to connect and make friends with my classmates who have sort of formed a boys club. most of my friends are in my sorority, and none of them are doing computer science, or an engineering based discipline so it's also hard to talk to them about how i'm feeling.
i recently completed the final interviews for three different companies, and ever since i interviewed i've been checking my phone obsessively, not been able to concentrate in my classes, or hang out with friends. the anxiety that i feel about the results of these interviews is ruining my life right now. does anyone have any advice on how to deal/cope with this stress? i'd greatly appreciate any and all advice
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2021.10.23 03:02 theultimatespinach What are the opinions on Ethan saying a slur in his older videos?

I just stumbled on an older video I hadn't watched in years and Ethan says the n word while reading a comment that says it. I was shocked and the comments didn't say much on it besides "people are triggered!1!" type stuff. Not trying to be that person or stir the pot. But was just curious what fellow fans think?
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2021.10.23 03:02 willybilly1989 Paul is on the dune soundtrack.

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2021.10.23 03:02 jem1853tr We'll get used to actual leadership again..

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2021.10.23 03:02 IMXToadz IMXToadz

1000/1500 WL spots still available
IMX Toadz FAQs
The first of its kind collection of 6969 Toadz on ImmutableX (IMX)! IMX is a new platform which runs on the ETH blockchain. All NFTs traded on ImmutableX are completely carbon neutral.
Here are some questions we often see being asked by the community:
Q: How much is the mint?
A: The mint will be 0.069 ETH for everyone.
Q: When is the mint?
A: We will announce this soon. Please stay tuned!
Q: How many can I mint if I'm whitelisted?
A: Whitelisters will be able to mint 2 Toadz during the presale.
Q: How many can I mint in the public sale?
A: You can mint up to 5 Toadz in the public sale.
Q: How do I mint?
A: Minting and whitelisted presale will take place on our website (our devs are currently working hard to complete our website). You must have ETH in your Metamask wallet to mint.
Q: Random minting
A: All Toadz will be minted randomly. Everyone has a shot at minting a rare Toad.
Q: Rarity ranking
A: Rarity guides and ranking will be released after mint.
Q: Initial allocation to community/DAO wallet
A: 5% of initial sale will be allocated to our community/DAO wallet to chart our future direction: Long-term staking, charity, supporting the growth of IMX ecosystem, DAO venture capital, etc. Through a future voting system, the community/DAO wallet will allow IMX Toadz holders to decide whether (and how) to use these ETH, or to HODL them.
Let's keep the vibe going 🔥
Links to discord and twitter pinned on our profile.
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2021.10.23 03:02 picklemahbeets Should I start nofap?

I've tried and failed before, and I keep deciding to fap in the middle of the night resulting in bad sleep, not to mention I end up disgusted after I watch porn
View Poll
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2021.10.23 03:02 RomanR567 Grupo del dogor

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2021.10.23 03:02 QuarterlyTurtle Season 5 episode 3 is just pain and sadness

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2021.10.23 03:02 Rozo_Leo Finally finished this took me like 5 fucking days 😍😍😍😍

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2021.10.23 03:02 anged16 This here's my truck Old Handy or just 'andy for short

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2021.10.23 03:02 IMR-SMIL3Y Offers in DMs

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2021.10.23 03:02 calbion Shot on a7C with 50mm GM

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2021.10.23 03:02 abbumm DeepMind's founder reveals future goals in computational biology regarding AlphaFold during a conference

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2021.10.23 03:02 lili_za So sweet ❤️

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2021.10.23 03:02 koreamusic The woman passing by at sunset.

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2021.10.23 03:02 ChiwaWithDisneyHath hmm

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2021.10.23 03:02 ModPhsyco help my pc not turning on

my pc isn't turning on and i am very worried as i spent a lot of money on this system. the only thing that turns on in the pc is the aio's logo rgb, not the fans just the logo. (it's a coolermaster ml240l rgb v2 cooler). i have the pc connected to a power extension which does accommodate it's power wattage. but when i plug it straight into the wall the aio rgb doesn't light up, but into the extension it does. before it also turned on for 20 secs while making a high pitched noise that didn't stop until it turned off. i tracked the noise to either the psu or the bottom left of the mobo (aorus b55o elite ax v2). although i don't know what kind of psu i have but it's an old (used) 1650 watt 80+ gold psu that i think was made for bit coin mining (which i don't do)
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2021.10.23 03:02 chairbornebg ТАСС: САЩ са ликвидирали лидер на „Ал Кайда“ в Сирия

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2021.10.23 03:02 pac_mojojojo Where does Death take them?

I just read a bit of the Sandman, I think I’m 10 issues in.
I am loving it.
I’m just wondering where do people go when Death takes them?
At first I thought she just greets them and an angel takes the soul (the black feathers), but I quickly realized the wings are of Death’s.
Where specifically does she take them?
Does she just leave them in a purgatory like place? Or is she responsible for bringing them directly to Hell or Heaven?
I assumed souls go to Hell or Heaven because it seemed like it in *A Hope in Hell*.
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