Copper imbalance?

2021.10.23 00:44 fukcpapert Copper imbalance?

Has anyone studied or looked into copper deficiency and candida overgrowth? I think copper might play a roll in this.
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2021.10.23 00:44 TheCouchmanAEW Imagine King Booker confronted King Xavier and they had a rivalry lol

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2021.10.23 00:44 MehtaPriyanka98 It will all make sense one day. Until then revel in the haze as long as you don't lose yourself to the daze. Make no mistake they will try their hardest but you don't be fooled my child!

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2021.10.23 00:44 synonyco NCAA Virginia Tech Hokies True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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2021.10.23 00:44 Appropriate-Radio405 Himalayan 650 ?

I am planning to buy himalayan end of this year . But himalayan 650 and new himalayan versions news coming up should i buy now or should i have to wait ?
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2021.10.23 00:44 mrGAMEandWATCH32 For anything Java

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2021.10.23 00:44 thespokenspoke Just hanging around on a Friday night. Happy weekend friends.

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2021.10.23 00:44 NORDLAN GOP Lawmaker Pushes Insane Claim ‘Octopus-Like Creatures’ Are in Vax

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2021.10.23 00:44 braedenb7 Darkrai raid 2866 8662 2317

2866 8662 2317
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2021.10.23 00:44 Drhorrible-26 the never ending trail

Has anyone ever heard of the game “the never ending trail.”? it’s a text based RP where you just walk down a long dirt trail in the woods…last at first that’s all it was. see I use the word RPG very loosely…it’s more accurate to say the game plays you to be frank. I can’t find a trace of history to it, hell i didn’t even download it to the computer.
See I bought this computer off of my buddy evan. As i was checking it all out and making sure everything ran smooth, i opened the “games” folder. inside was nothing but a single game. “the never ending trail”
I slid my cursor to the file, clicking it. the game had opened and i studied the home screen. it was honestly…well boring as shit. nothing but a black background and the title in bold white letters. along with one option underneath in a small box. “settings” however there was no other options, I had now way to start the game.
After about 5 minutes of sitting there, just clicking away, I decided to call evan up and ask him what the deal was. “whaaaats good kenny” he answered. “yeah what’s up evan, hey do you know the deal with this trail game, it doesnt have a start option, just settings.” “I heard him sigh slightly.“ dude I don’t even know how that game got on my computer in the first place. besides i tried getting it to open for hours, you got farther than I did. I couldn’t even open it to the title screen, for some reason i couldn’t delete it, but it doesn’t seem to cause any problems so just ignore it.” evan responded. I thanked him for the information and hung up.
I was able to ignore it for a total of about, maybe like 15 minutes. I don’t know why exactly, but it was itching at me to play it, i was determined to, even if to only prove it can be open. and honestly, was not hard to do at all, I just needed to turn the brightness up a bit, and there it was. The start button, along with two others labeled, “continue” and “mini game”.
It opened up to a pixelated but still very well detailed image of a long, dark, empty trail, lined by large, full pine trees. underneath was a large rectangular box, along with a small flashing line, leading me to believe this was some sort of text based rpg.
I typed. “walk forward.” after a few seconds I received a response along with a slightly different image. you began to make your way down this empty trail, alone and in the unknown night. what shall you do?
after a minute of thinking I responded. “look around” the image then changed to a slide show of sorts, as if like a flip book, the images shuttered giving the effect that I had been looking from left to right. you look at your surroundings. nothing but the cold air, and dark shawdows casted over the woods, surrounded you. what shall you do next?
After another moment I realized I never check the settings options. “leave” cannot leave the woods right now, what will you do?” uhhh “save” *It’s too late for that now, what will you? that one kind of unsettled me, although I figured this game had a horror element to it, what with the constant mention of loneliness and darkness and all that. still, i dont know, that line slightly unnerved me.
thinking i had to be more specific I them typed “save game” and thankfully it worked as it had responded save point made I proceeded to exit the game “leave game” to which I was returned to the home screen.
I opened the setting menu, looking over to see I had quite a few options. I was able to find out I have a bag, along with a flashlight,a lighter, a journal…and a map…interesting, I assumed this game was just, you know, a never ending tail. I also found out i could collect items.
After a quick study of the settings I returned to home screen. as I went to click the continue I then remembered the “mini game” option. I decided to click it and see what the game had in store.
The mini game was…well it was weird, hell i wouldn’t have even considered a game, it was just a gif of, like…some kinda reverse mermaid. you know, fish head, human legs. he, or she? whatever, it was just kind of spinning in circles in front of a blue background. After that…interesting experience, i clicked continue now aware of some actions available to me.
it returned me to the still image of the dark path laying in front of me, along with the ever present question what will you do?” “open bag” this has brought me to another flip book like clip, of a camper like backpack, opening. the image then changed to a box grid, similar to an inventory in other rpg’s. two options appeared underneath *select item. or close bag. remembering the map i quickly wrote the command to use it. you open the map and study it close the image changed to that of well, a map, and a disappointing one at that. just one looooooong path, however there was a small red dot at the end of the paper. “hm so there is an end, false advistisng bullshit” I said to myself jokingly. I was actually genuinely ecstatic there was an end, that means i can beat it.
I closed the map, then selected the flashlight before closing the bag, and switching the light on. as the light gives you a small bit sanctuary, it also reveals more of the emptiness ahead. what will you do next? I tapped my desk, rolling my eyes, slightly beginning to get annoyed. the constant “darkness, lonely, everything sucks” thing was getting old.
I thought maybe with the flashlight i could see something in the woods. “turn left” the image turns to a long stretch of trees, this time i was able to make out some bushes behind them, but that was about it.
I processed to then turn right. the sight was more or less the same as the left, however…there was something else. two small white dots, their shading giving of a glowing effect. judging by the size of them i determined whatever it was, was far away.
I decided i’d try to make my way towards it. “walk towards lights” you spot a dim glow, it’s warm light however gave off the feeling of warning, so you decided to stay on the path
“oh that’s a load of crap!” i let out in anger. when i did that, I heard another shout, almost like a gargled screech. however this one…it came from the computer. This caught me surprisingly off guard, as up until the game had contained no sounds whatsoever, not even the sound of a simple button click had been present
“interesting” i muttered to myself, before returning to my commands. “search for source of noise” you listen hard, but hear no sound now this was the starting point at when the game started to take a turn to something much more sinister
At first I was questioning my sanity. I knew for a fact I heard something, i was 100% positive. however I reasoned with myself the game had done it on purpose to set the atmosphere.
“continue forward” you return to your travels down this unknown path
that command and response repeated about three times before anything happened you come across a fowl stench at your feet
finally something different. “look down” the image flashed from the long dark trail…to a dead animal. now i say animal because, to be completely honest with you i couldn’t i dentify it other than the fact it had hooves
It looked like, whatever this poor creature was beforehand, was flattened under a massive hammer. entrails, limbs, and organs splattered and almost pounded into the dirt they laid on.
“what the fuck” I whispered to myself, before another question appeared. a gory sight is set before you, what shall you do this time I was given three options walk over walk around and the most fucked up of all collect
instantly i went for “walk around” your path has already been set you that you cannot stray from great so a useless command “walk over” the creature before you had been flattened enough great, so that leaves one option “collect” you open your bag, beginning to fill it with torn flesh, dismembered internals and shattered bone fragments, slowly turning your bag into a deep red
I threw up a little in my mouth after reading that, unneedfully descriptive visualization. “open bag” once again i was brought to the inventory to which as expected i was greeted with a new item labeled. pile of mangled flesh
so yeah pretty fuckin gross but I mean, at least the game had more than just walking down a trail. later down the line i’d soon wish that really was all the game was
as I looked over my rather gruesome, new item, I was reminded I had both a lighter and journal, along with the flashlight and map I had already used.
I decided i’d examine the journal. selecting the item led to another flip book of images, this time ironically actually being a flip book, as the images formed to give the effect of an opening journal.
The journal was essentially a log on all your previous commands and actions. “started your travel” “examined surroundings” “took a rest” “returned to travel”
the last two referring to the save, and leave game
“used flashlight” “examined surroundings” “your eyes met false hope”
huh? what the hell was that one? it took me a moment to realize this must have been referring to the two glowing dots, but that still didn’t explain what the hell it meant.
“traveled forwards” “traveled forwards” “traveled forwards” “you met the stench of death” “look over blood painted dirt” “you collected the remains of decaying creature, your bag sheltering the rotten flesh” jesus christ, as if doing if the first time wasn’t gross enough.
I decided I’d exit the game for now and see if maybe a new “mini game” had appeared, I was half right. the reverse merman had be replaced, but not with another random wacky gif. Just the words this is not a game anymore
before I can do anything I was instantly returned to the game. I tried exiting multiple time, only to be met with “escape isn’t an option anymore” I couldn’t even close the game out from my computer. Great, so if I wanna use this thing at all only option is to beat the game.
“run forward” you break into a sprint gaining decent distance before you slow down “look around” you are surrounded by emptiness
then that screech came back, twice as loud, I damn near hacked up my own heart. still as I go to acknowledge it, the game claims no noises were made
just then the screen began having a seizure or some shit. the images warped and contorted as these unsettling sounds erupted from the speakers. It sounded almost demonic, like multiple voices screaming out all layered on top of eachother
I went to go shut off the computer completely, however as I did this the screen changed, to a single sentence
it’s too late for that Kenton
at that I stumbled back in my chair, slightly shaking. I thought first “oh it’s just reading the data from the computer.” but that couldn’t be the case as I had just got it from evan, i haven’t put anything on the computer,
that lead me to believe “oh so the jackass is fucking with me and putting my name in it”…that didn’t check out either…because for the past 18 years of my life, evan always thought my full name was Kenneth, and I never bothered to correct him. along with the simple fact that well, the kids almost completely empty in the good old cranium. no way he’d have the technological skill to make a game, let alone one this complex
I slowly stood back up looking at the screen, seeing my name flashing in bold white letters, the sound of tortured souls playing the whole way through.
It was enough to make me snap a little. rummaging through my closet I pulled out a bat, and swung that bitch with the might of zeus…only for the thing to bounce right off, it was about as effective as a taking a nerf gun to a fire fight, hell the bat took more damage than the laptop
doing that only caused the message on the screen to change
that won’t work, can’t be killed by force
what, “cant be killed” that…? did-did that fucking game just claim it’s alive? As much as i wanted to find a logical explanation for all of this I couldnt, because there was none.
“fine how about this then” I yelled out, grabbing at the screen and going to throw it out the window…but when i went to move the computer…my desk moved with it.
another message appeared. no use, only one way finish the trail and you’ll be set free
I choked up and began to stutter trying to ask what the hell it meant but they answered for me.
yes free, your red painted room, slightly cracked mirror, and twin bed is now your cell, you are mine, you are here, you will remain here until the game is finished, or until you are
I felt my blood run ice cold, my hand slightly twitching in fear. how the fuck did it know what my room looked like, right down to the broken mirror in the corner. It can see me, it could fucking see me, and it was right.
I was trapped in my room, the door wouldn’t budge no matter how much force i put into it. the windows wouldn’t move either. I tried breaking one, but only to have the same effect as the bat did with the computer
I was then greeted to an onslaught of messages finish the game finish the game “finish the game” end the trail finish the game finish the game not safe* finish no end finish the game stay forever never finish finish the game finish the game* mine finish the game* cant leave your mine your mine finish the game mine mine stay finish the game
while I saw multiple different messages, they all flashed by so quick I barely had time to read it, although one message was repeated enough times for me to understand “alright, alright I’ll finish the fucking game!” I yelled out
as soon as those words left my lips that haunting, screeching, static ended, and the screen had returned to where my game left off. however the prompt had changed. you are surrounded by emptiness, but know you are not alone
the next five minutes were just a rince and repeat of the ever present “walk forward” you walk further up the path command and reaction
eventually I did reach…well something
you feel the cold embrace of death wrap around you, yet the embrace is not meant for you
I braced myself for whatever disgusting or horrific thing I was about to see as I typed the command to look around you look ahead to see something had been lying in your path
the image changed once again, depicting the trail, some shadowed lump in the way, which i could only assume was the previous mention of death…and farther up ahead, I saw those two lights again, slightly brighter. however when I commanded do move forward again, the image once again changed, this time, the lights were gone. finally I reached the road block and holy fuck…I wish i hadn’t
you found Janie the image warped once again, now…now showing a small, human corpse, partly mummified and half buried in the snow. the worst part was just how detailed the image was, grant it the images up til now we’re also pretty detailed, but they were all extremely pixelated, this one looked more like a real photo, takin on an old dusty camera.
I ended up hurling into my trash can as I stared into the clouded, dead eyes of a little girl, before I was given an action choice…none of them were good.
enjoy a nice meal acquire a new face finish the job
out of the three the last sounded the least disturbing, I’d rather not cannibalize a child’s body, or skin them and become fuckin leather face.
“finish the job” you open your bag, digging through the rotten decaying animal flesh til you reach your lighter. you ignite it and bring it to janie. her corpse erupting into flames, you watch, as what little skin, and muscle tissue that remained melts away, then her bones as they were charred to cinder
I was then given another flip book of images…showing the body decay and burn to ash. I broke into a cold sweat, begging to rub my face.
“ken you’re losing it, it’s just a game, just a fucked up game” I whispered to myself, causing the game to respond
told you already no longer a game see for yourself
before i could do anything the game window had shrunk, next to it opened a tab of a breaking news broadcast
“we are heartbroken to announce, the remains of a girl had been found on high rock hiking trails. the girl, now identified as young janie wess, has been missing for three months now. the autopsy report claims the death was of frost bite, however her remains have been found severely burnt-“ that’s when the game cut off the broadcast
“yo-you’re fucking with me, no there’s no way.” I let out in fear and paranoia “that’s all it is, you’re just fucking with me” It was very quick to reply
possibly, possibly not not for you to know
I took a deep breath, before returning to the game, I mean shit was there anything else i could do? I was completely trapped with only one way out.
I remembered I had a map, which I opened to see just how far I’ve gotten. luckily from my marker on the map and the red dot I was about half way finished.
as I continued my way down the trail that demonic screeching returned, but it wasn’t coming from the computer this time…It was coming from outside my window.
I pulled back the blinds to see what it was but all i could see was pitch black, and i don’t mean it was so dark out I couldn’t see anything, I mean literally pitch black, just a empty void
you’re getting closer unfortunately they are too
“who the fuck are “they”. the ones “ones of what?” the ones sent to eat away your sanity the ones who will break you I wonder, could you reach the end of the trail before they reach your door?
“wait hold up, you’re saying there’s people after me right now?!” I yelled, completely forgetting about the fact I had been arguing with a lap top
never said people
that last statement made me freeze. It felt like I almost forgot how to breath, my throat being sealed due to complete and utter fear. what the hell did it mean, what was after me.
slowly the screeching faded, my room, now a prison, returned to the cold silence. After another minor panaic attack, I took a deep breath, and returned my hands to the keyboard
the next half hour consisted of nothing but “walk forward”, “look around” and “check map”
however after checking the map for probably the 4th time, seeing I was about three quarters there, and returning the map to my bag, the image before me…well it looked firmilar.
still just a long stretch of dirt, but the surroundings changed, not by much granted, but the once pine trees lining the path, had been replaced with oaks , and the dark black dirt seemed to be a slightly lighter brown
along with the setting change, the image introduced another silhouette, a dark figure…being suspended up by a tree.
I didnt need much time to figure out what it was, and as figured once I made my way to the figure, the image changed to a man hanged from a branch.
you found carmine
reading that name caused my heart beat to rapidly rise. you see carmine, he was a kid in my class…one who had gone missing about two months ago
much like the last body, this image had been far more detailed then the others. the boy, who was undeniably the same carmine in my class, had a face of pure fear. leading me to believe he had not been the one to place the nuse around his neck. the rope dug deep into his neck, to the point it broke skin, leaving the rope caked in dry blood.
I sighed nervously, trying to prepare for whatever sick action I’d have to take on how to deal with this body, still not being able to comprehend that I was looking at a kid the whole town went on a man hunt looking for.
only one option came up onto the screen several times, however…this time the text had a voice to go with it.
party time party time party time party time party time
the game cried out through the computer in a deep monotone male voice, sounding flat, almost as if sounded somewhat digital as if coming through a cellphone.
I selected the action and braced myself for whatever was to come. this time the new prompt being narrated by what i could only assume was whatever it was controlling the game
as you watch him swing, you spot a thick, sturdy branch. after a few practice swings you get ready to bust open this piñata
the loud sound of the branch making impact on the body. first the sound of a brutal beating, then the sound of the bone cracking, and crunching, til finally it reached the sound of squishing, as if the branch had been wailing on a sack of wet meat.
with each smack, each scrunch and each squish, the image changed, showing the body slowly begin to look bloodied, til it was to the point he looked like nothing but a dangling pile of meat and splintered bone.
at this i began to vomit into my trash can once again, I mean shit I thought i could handle the images after what came before it, but the sound…it was too real during my puke session i completely forgot something…he called him a piñata
after bursting the dangling ornament, you quickly begin collecting the goodies and treats that it had released
the game let out, this time sounding slightly more engaged, as if he were mocking me,trying to pry under my skin. It spoke up again
collected sweets
it announced, flashing images of all sorts of body parts. eyes, fingers, a nose, chunks of what looked intestines, a whole human fuckin heart It flashed by fast enough where I was able to hold back another wave of vomit…but definitely slow enough for me to see it all
I slowly began losing my mind, once again trying to do whatever I could to turn the damn thing off, however as i was lifting my bat to wail on the thing again, the pitch black vail, that had been wrapped around my window, suddenly lifted.
The bright moonlight beamed through my window and way in the distance…a faint, dim glow of two yellow lights.
dont be so hasty the more time you waist with pointless attempts, the closer they get to you
that deep, monotone, robotic voice announced rather unenthusiastically. throughout the graphic beating of the boys body, I had almost forgotten the fact that the game had sent someone, no…something after me.
a burst of adrenaline quickly kicked in, and the next hour was a complete blur of nothing but commanding the game to move forward, till I reach…the end
look familiar?
the game announced. this time it’s tone sounding, well pretty fuckin pretentious, to be perfectly honest, as the image changed…into a photo of neighborhood.
suddenly A large crash was heard from outside, followed by that god damn screeching, this time so loud one of my ears began to bleed.
as the yells got louder, i could see those two yellow lights beginning to get brighter, I looked out my window in a panic…as I laid eyes on what had been emitting those lights…and those screech’s
do you see him? the game asked as me the yellow lights…which I now knew were the eyes of my hunter…staring up at me from the front of my yard.
whatever this thing was, it was extremely tall, even in the crouched stance it was in it had to stant at at least 7 feet heigh, yet It’s arms seemed to be taller then it’s own self, as they dragged behind it, it’s long bone like fingers laying at least three feet away from the rest of its body. it looked as if it had not even an ounce of muscle tissue, just bones wrapped in gray leathery skin.
I could only look on in paralyzed shock…Til it smiled. when i first looked at this monster it looked like it didn’t have a mouth to begin, just a flat surface underneath a pair of glowing eyes, til I saw the lower half of its face begin to stretch down, then a large crack, and another, until almost its entire face formed a a jagged, sharp tooth grin, stretching from non existent ear, to ear.
next thing I knew it’s body began twisting and contorting, before getting on to all fours, it’s what i assumed to be elbows and knees popped upwards in the wrong direction, looking almost spider like…before crawling towards my house with eminence speed.
I stumbled and hopped back into my desk chair. violently spamming the keyboard, command after command. As I wandered my neighborhood from a computer screen, my head being drilled into with the sounds of metal being pounded and dented as the creature slow began bursting through my door with extreme force, and the computer mocking me
tick tock tick tock
It repeated til I heard the front door bust down, quickly racing up the stairs no doubt coming to my room. I scrambled to block the door best I could, but that thing busted through the metal door, I highly doubted a wood door, desk or even the bed I had wedged against it, nothing was gonna hold it back for long
rushing frantically to find a way to beat this game. my heart heart soon sank as I heard the creature reach my door, proceeding to…tap on the door ever so quiet taps every 10 seconds…then slightly louder at every 5 seconds…then violent bashing on my door letting out screeches of hunger
I kept all the focus i could on the computer, but couldn’t help to flinch with each snap as I heard my door slowly splintered despite knowing the area quite well, everything seemed off, streets were in the wrong places, and seemed to change slightly, I couldn’t even identify where my house…”holy shit that was it” I thought as I went for the keyboard
I slowly began to command the game to go home, being extra specific as to even put my exact address in. I mean what did it matter what would happen, I already had this thing quite literally knocking on my doorstep.
I quickly hit enter and as soon as I did…It all went silent. the smashing against my door along with that horrible screech, that’s forever been burned into my mind.
congratulation kenton
The game announced, in its flat manatone voice, accompanied by the sounds of party poppers, I could only take that as sarcastam.
Before i can ask what would happen to me, I blacked out. by the time I had awoken It had become morning, my room seemingly put back to normal, aside from the splintered door…and the computer laying across from me.
It opened to the games folder and what replaced “the never ending trail” file, was a file named congrats. inside, the fishman once again spinning around.
I slowly began to chuckle, then howling with laughter. I damn near cried tears of joy, it was really over, I finally finished the game.
I called almost my entire contact list to make sure I was still in reality. I debated telling someone what had happened but, well I didn’t wanna come off as butt fuck-insane.
I waited another hour or so before leaving my room. The next four hours were spend checking every single nook and cranny til I was absolutely sure I was alone.
the rest of the day went on as normal…however as I was busy cleaning my kitchen…I heard a breaking news report on the tv.
“The body of young carmine sanders have been found in the woods, It seems the poor 18 had been beaten and maimed, after being hanged” The news ankor announced…In a deep…monatone, unenthusiastic voice.
I turned to the tv to see the ankor. A text book business man, with white pale skin, jet black hair slicked back, and eyes that looked to be filled with tv static. And I swear, I swear to god the moment I laid my eyes on him…he smirked, before the tv shut off on its own.
I don’t know what happened with the game, or what had been controlling it. No clue what the thing busting down my door was, but I think I have an idea as to how the game knew those two people…they weren’t able to beat the game
That’s why i’m writing this. I know it’s still out theres, this is a warning to any and all who somehow come across this game…dont try to open it, and for all that is holy…don’t ever play it…you might just end up another body on the path, for the next poor bastard to be forced to do god knows what to your corpse.
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2021.10.23 00:44 DarthSirrys JOIN THE O'CARLINS MOST FEARED RDO GANG

We are the Feared O'Carlins, we are a drunken gay Irish gang and we are recruiting you... Join us and you will be in the most FeArEd GaNg iN AlL of RdO and we will take over all of Red Dead. Our Ego's are higher than your mom on mushrooms. So join us and together we shall Purge communism for some reason.
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2021.10.23 00:44 notsexmaster Time for a hate post for all the good people! (that I can remember the names of)

You're a bitch u/the-grim-reaper
Fuck you u/slashy_washy
Suck dick, u/bringbackoldreddit1
The fuck did I do to you!? u/skills69-420
Uhh... u/monarchistanarchist... More like, morningkiss.
Uhh who else... Taddyyy? Oh tinkerbell, I still cant remember the numbers.
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2021.10.23 00:44 NekkidTaco 25[M4A] bicurious mexican guy looking to get slow but sloppy head from a feminine person tonight

Whether ur a cute girl, enby, or smooth femboy, I need to release (and i cum a lot just btw) in your mouth. Bonus points for cat ears short skirts long stripey socks etc. that look is really hot to me. Will be up late tonight, send me a face pic and we'll go from there :) Oakland by the lake, 5"9 145lbs, thick 6inches, clean and double vaxxed. Musician and athlete (soccer, big ass calves/thighs if ur into that :P)
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One of the most popular launched in the world that is binance
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2021.10.23 00:44 CaptainDust1000 Van's video called "We Find a Song" = meaning??

What do you think the meaning is behind Van's newest video (released today October 22) called "We Find a Song" ???
Why is he in a weird room in a house? What has happened to Van
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2021.10.23 00:44 GoodGosh314 Ah fuck - maybe I should hit the bars

The last time I was at a bar was pre-covid.
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2021.10.23 00:44 MalakaiDomo Uninstalling MBAACC (Community version)

So ive tried uninstalling it and it shows these.. weird looking letters/symbols, and i don't understand any of it. I don't really play the game anymore so I want to get rid of it, but I can't seem to figure out how I'm supposed to.
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2021.10.23 00:44 cloutydaze Drake the type of dude to sneeze when he smells pepper.

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2021.10.23 00:44 ryuugawatakata Question about the game and it's dlc

Hi new player here, today i see dbd is on sale, i have a few questions: 1. is it still worth it to play? 2. which dlc should i buy (steam)? 3. can we buy killer or survivor or perks with in game currency? and is the grind harsh?
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2021.10.23 00:44 KillerPussyToo Nikola Jokic 32 PTS 16 REB Full Highlights vs Spurs 🔥

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