Poco India ripping off the owners of the legendary F1

2021.10.23 02:49 _bugheadbones_ Poco India ripping off the owners of the legendary F1

Last selling price of Poco F1 (6/64) in India = 14999 INR (200 US$)
Battery price of Poco F1 till a couple of months ago = 1999 INR (27 US$)
Battery price of Poco F1 a couple of months ago = 2999 INR(40 US$) (price increase by 50% !!!)
Battery price of Poco F1 now = 4999 INR(67 US$) (price increased by a whopping 150% !!!!!)
In addition to that, the customers have to pay 18% taxes, plus service charges of 350 INR and an additional 18% tax on that too.
What the heck is Poco India thinking? And this won't take a long time for Poco global to implement the same.
I'm a loyal Xiaomi customer and a fanboy since the launch of Redmi 1s but this is pure BS by the company and they are gonna lose a lot of customers. Gone are the good ol days of Hugo Barra and Jai Mani.
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2021.10.23 02:49 Rmon_34 Eewww why I am a watching this. Next day* Mmm I’ma check the hub out

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Fill out this form and DM your Resume.
Next is Upvote this post.
I'll evaluate every emails and resume and contact you again
Don't forget to add your email and discord ID when you message me.
We are now have hundreds of scholars, maybe you're the next of them.
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2021.10.23 02:49 Dragoon_shadow [let's go] Watching these poor shining guys despawn while watching for an Onix. (Been sending these to a friend to explain the poor quality of the photos)

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2021.10.23 02:49 Atanaxia Good Kid - Good Kid (Full EP) [Punk Pop]

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2021.10.23 02:49 styl3mist8ken TAKE OFF AND DIE!!!!

So I recently ordered a eachine novice II off a guy from facebook marketplace. He had advertised that he only flew it a couple of times and decided he didnt have the needed time to take up the hobby. Well I went to fly it and after going through all the standard checks and all I arm the droone and go to take off and as soon as i start giving it throttle it would just like kind of surge then fall to the ground, then id re arm it and go to take off again and same thing just jumps up and poop! Do I have something set wrong in beta flight
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2021.10.23 02:49 gymysgwyrol proud blep after putting her stuffed apple toy in the bowl of fruit

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2021.10.23 02:48 pixxelzombie how much longer can this giraffe hold out?

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2021.10.23 02:48 Deeman0 LPT: Be sure to bring up politics at Thanksgiving this year to save on Xmas gifts

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2021.10.23 02:48 rydamusprime17 Decided try a little experiment. I hooked my Genesis Mini up to a HDMI-to-Component converter and hooked thar up to my KV-27FV17 Trinitron. After setting the console to full screen I am very happy with the results!

Decided try a little experiment. I hooked my Genesis Mini up to a HDMI-to-Component converter and hooked thar up to my KV-27FV17 Trinitron. After setting the console to full screen I am very happy with the results! submitted by rydamusprime17 to crtgaming [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 02:48 PhoenixRising720 She broke my heart but I miss her every second of every day and I hate her even more for doing this to me. But you know the sad part? If she were right here, right now, all I would do is hold her close to me, and forgive her for everything, just so I can soothe this unbeara pain she inflicted on me.

And right now, tonight, while I am totally wasted on bourbon in order to numb the pain, she's probably out partying with that loser that I had inadvertently introduced her to when I got her a job at the same place that I work at (that bastard better pray that he isn't ever left alone with me because, despite the fact that I have always had a reputation for being such a nice guy, him and his pretty boy face fucked up my entire life). And the most difficult part, she's probably not even thinking about me tonight, while it feels like I have been wounded to my very soul. I didn't know that it was even possible to love and hate a person at the same intensity that I do right now... I can't even process how I feel about her and everything that we have been through and experienced together up to the end. I wish that I could simply say that I wish that I had never met her in order to have avoided ever feeling the pain that I do right now, but if I hadn't ever met her, I don't believe that I would have progressed as far as I have in my personal life without her support back when I needed it.
It's especially painful that my family is practically gloating right now about how they had always believed that she was bad for me and was using me from the very beginning and now that she has shown her true colors, they're happy that she's out of my life. They weren't there when she would hold me close and promise that she would always be there for me. They weren't there when she promised to be my biggest supporter and when I had taken risks that no one else supported but her, they paid off. They weren't there when she would clinge to me, upset and vulnerable, and swear that I was the only one that understood her and she could trust to never hurt her or take advantage of her. They weren't there when we were making plans for our life and future together. They never felt the strength and rush that her love and trust empowered me with when times were hard.
They keep telling me that she was just using me this whole year, but I can't believe that I was that foolish and blind. I would swear that I am not that damn ignorant. Yes, we had are rough moment, and during that last month or so, things didn't feel right before everything fell apart, but right now as I an suffering a broken heart, lost my best friend, and biggest support system, I just can't believe that I was also just simply a damn fool that had been being played from the very beginning.
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2021.10.23 02:48 Twiz00 Spiritual Blockage.

I've read that once you've had the Covid vaccine your spiritual gene is blocked. Is this true? Anyone who has had the vaccine, has this happened to you?
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2021.10.23 02:48 MarxistMommyMilkers Ugh sometimes I just really can't stand tankies

They're just wayyyy too sexy lol ❤️
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2021.10.23 02:48 VuVjetz Me_irl

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2021.10.23 02:48 DogeTheRobot I don't know what's happening

I was playing Beatsaber and wanted to get another mod so I closed out and open my apps and unknown sources wasn't there anymore so I just went back to Beatsaber then later I restarted my headset and unknown sources still wasn't there so I connected it to my laptop with the same cable I've been using before and nothing. Whats going on?
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2021.10.23 02:48 IceMan_2420 Struggling Newbie Needs Advice

Hello weight loss warriors!
I just found this amazing subreddit and would love to start my own CICO journey. As of today I am 270 lbs at 6ft tall with a long way to go. My journey started at 320lbs by the end of 2020 after an abysmal quarantine. I've already cut out sugar and stopped eating out mostly. This has helped me lose 50 lbs to date but I've hit a plateau. According to my BMI I am still obese and have always battled with my weight from childhood.
I struggle a lot with weighing food and tracking calories, especially when cooking from home. I work constantly and try hard not to eat out or drink my calories. I've been trying to stay below 2000 calories a day with doing cardio and weight training. I'm determined not to be obese anymore! Most of all I am not sure of my accurate BMR or TDEE and would appreciate a trusted calculator link that you all use.
Any advice or guidance you can provide would be sincerely and greatly appreciated 🙏 from the bottom of my heart. I plan to update you all with progress pictures someday hopefully. Thanks for taking time to read this and for helping me progress in my own weight loss journey. Cheers and best luck to you all in your own paths to health and prosperity! 😁
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2021.10.23 02:48 Segfault_21 [OFFER] CashApp $5 + $15 from me ($20 in total!)

New Users From United States Only!
Sign up for CashApp, you'll receive $5 from CashApp + $15 from me when you use my Referral Code: ZNRVPCK - In account settings towards the bottom you'll be able to enter a Referral Code.
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Note: When sending $5, make sure that you have not previously used the same payment method on another CashApp account or the bonus will NOT be credited.
(!) If you need $5, DM me and I will send you $5. You must send it back to me and the bonus will be credited. (I will only send you $5 once the referral is pending, and that you're not a new user to Reddit.)
After the process, please comment below $bid. If you have any questions comment below and I will try to reply asap.
Thank you, and enjoy! Users I have referred: - u/Super_Walk7793
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2021.10.23 02:48 Chips098 Need help finding an unlock tool

Looking for a unlock operator tool to play with some new skins but I can’t pay $20 for each one.
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2021.10.23 02:48 rajneesh7890 Bitgame project

This project has gone through several extraordinary processes and we strongly believe in the toughness of the team that continues to provide the most positive and support for this project. https://www.bitgame.com
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2021.10.23 02:48 SolarPlexuZ I stupidly used the last unidentified scroll in the impshop before buying the last book. I am in pain now because I didn't wanted to end this run before all books are finished.

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2021.10.23 02:48 maniacalmanicmania Cuba: Sanctions in a Pandemic, Pt. 3

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2021.10.23 02:48 bycrackybygum Audiopile

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2021.10.23 02:48 ironroad18 UNREP Near Guam

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2021.10.23 02:48 iam-everything My Neighbor’s Secret

when i was a kid, we had a neighbor across the street that we called “pervy,” and for good reason. on several occasions, this man made my sisters and i extremely uncomfortable, especially my older sisters who were 12 and 14 at the time. to paint a picture, there were a couple of specific instances that earned him the nickname. but let’s start with his appearance. if you have seen the TV show “King of the Hill,” he looks just like the character “Dale.” If you haven’t seen that show, picture the bad man from the movie “the Lovely Bones.” if you haven’t seen that either, then just picture the skinniest, palest white man with short dirty blonde hair, a majorly receding hairline, tiny eyes and a long nose. his real name was Randy, but we didnt know that for a very long time.
now to explain his actions that led up to the perfectly fitting nickname. there was a day that my (at the time) 14 year old sister was riding her bike up and down the street, just enjoying being a kid. it just so happened that she looked over at his house on her way back down the street, directly at his living room window, only to lay her eyes upon his genitals. perhaps one could say he was in the privacy of his own home and one could also say she shouldn’t have been looking into his windows. but personally, i say that no adult should be standing naked in front of a window when they know their neighborhood is full of children.
my mom called the police and explained the situation, but they were of little-to-no help. they told us that without proof, there wasn’t much they could do for us. my sister never rode her bike again after that day. we couldn’t prove that was an intentional act of public indecency, nor could we actually do anything about it, but this event placed red flags all the way around his yard from that day forward. my sisters and i avoided this man at all costs, and yet, he was still very prevalent in our childhood.
there were other occurrences that built up our intolerance towards pervy, none quite as graphic or disturbing as the first, but uncomfortable nonetheless. on another occasion, pervy came to the neighborhood pool wearing nothing but boxers, tattered, ripped, and torn. my mom called the police at this point, maybe being an over-protective mother, or maybe it was pure instinct, but once again, there was no help for us in this matter. pervy was just sent away from the pool area and told to come back with a proper swimsuit. thankfully he didn’t come back.
another time, my sisters were outside playing with some of their friends from up the street, the majority of them were boys because the majority of the kids in the neighborhood were boys. apparently pervy was feeling ballsy that day and told my sisters friends that they better “stay away from his girls…..”
this next interaction with him was not the last, but it’s the last one i will tell before i get into the real story. one day, my aunt came over to hang out with my mom and she brought my younger cousin with her so we could all play together. i was about 9 or 10 at the time, my sister and cousin were 6 or 7, so we asked if we could go outside and play in the front yard. my sister and i would often play in our front yard without supervision, my neighborhood was considerably safe despite the weirdo across the street, and our front door was always wide open during the day so they gave us permission and out we went. my aunt had a small, old, white honda that was already beat to hell and back, so she didn’t mind that we were climbing all over the hood, roof, and trunk of the car. obviously, pervy minded.
he minded very much. he opened his door, and peered around with only his head, eyes and mouth wide open at us. and he just stared. then he slowly started to step back into his house and closing the door, all the while still staring at us, eyes and mouth still wide open. at the time, it scared me so bad. so bad that i ran inside, crying, telling my mom what happened. she had had enough. let’s just say this story ends in my mom confronting him from his driveway, and throwing the TV remote at him (yes, she got it back for anyone wondering).
as time went on, and as we aged, we became less and less afraid of pervy and more and more annoyed/inconvenienced by him. my sister, our friends, and i used to play a “game” where we would dare each other to go knock on his door whenever he wasn’t home, just to see if someone would answer the door. i guess in our child brains, we thought someone was inside regardless of him living alone and his car being gone. the game was fun, exhilarating, and nerve wracking, which is the perfect potion for a bored group of kids on a summer day. as fun as the game was, it came to a very abrupt end one day when it was my turn to knock on his door.
like usual, i crept up his porch stairs, tiptoeing on each step, avoiding making any noise that would give away my presence. i lifted my fist to knock, but before my knuckles met the door, i noticed something different. this time, the door was open. very slightly, just a small crack, but it was definitely open. i don’t know what came over me, i don’t know where the bravery came from, but for some dreadful reason, i entered his home.
it smelled stale, like a goodwill, with a hint of cigarettes. the layout was very boring, he had very little furniture and almost zero decor besides a couple of what appeared to be fake plants on a side table in his living room. i began to venture further into his home, my eyes skimming the room before noticing a small framed photo hanging on the wall just before a hallway. in the photo, pervy stood, smiling next to a plump blonde woman. her hair was curly and of medium length, her skin pale and her eyes were bright blue like the sky. she was very pretty, too pretty for someone like pervy. they appeared to be a couple by the way their arms were interlocked, but how had i not seen this woman before? where is she? what happened to her?
as i walked down the hall, i approached the bedroom door, and a smell washed over me. one i had never smelled before, and my heart dropped to the pit of my stomach.
i placed my hand on the doorknob and opened it very slowly, unsure of what i was going to find behind it, unsure of the source of the horrifying smell. when i opened the door, i was astonished to see a beautiful bedroom decorated with pink roses, dead and fresh, and they were everywhere. on the walls, on the tables, dressers, and TV stand. the bed was huge with a large, fluffy, white comforter spread across very neatly. despite the dried up rose petals on the floor, the room was very clean.
i was so entranced by the sight that the unidentified smell began to slowly disappear. i walked around the room, running my hand across the collage of flowers, smelling a couple here and there, and trying to figure out what all of this meant. as i was taking everything in, i heard a car door close. my heart dropped once again. it was too late for me to make a run for the back door, and the window in this bedroom was covered by a large dresser, so there was no way out. terrified and unsure of what to do, i quickly slid myself under the bed and held my breath, hoping and praying that pervy would go into the bathroom for a shower or maybe he had just forgotten something at home and needed to grab it before heading back out to wherever he spent his days at.
as i listened to his footsteps moving through the living room, i could tell he was being cautious. he knew someone else was there. i knew he knew. it was such an intense feeling in my chest. although he had not entered the bedroom yet, i closed my eyes and turned my head away from the door, like a child, believing if i couldn’t see him, he couldn’t see me. suddenly, it became dead silent. i didn’t hear his footsteps anymore. i couldn’t hear a single thing. still, with my head facing away from the door, i opened my eyes again only to see big, bloodshot eyes staring back at me. bright blue like the sky. a lonely blonde curl was hanging down next to the right eye, almost covering it but not quite.
i let out the heaviest, loudest, most blood curdling scream i had ever done in my life. i felt this scream boil up from inside my stomach, through my lungs and heart, up my esophagus, and vibrated out of my mouth, echoing through my own ears and shaking my brain. at this point, i had no more questions, i had no more desire to remain hidden until the coast was clear. almost as soon as the scream left my mouth, i leapt out from underneath the bed, threw the dresser to the floor, flung the window open, and practically flew out.
i ran back to my house so fast that i didn’t even feel my feet hit the ground. shaking and panicking, i told my mom what i had found in his home. the look on my face must have sold her because she didn’t ask any questions, she just dialed 911. the police came and questioned me, then after hearing my story, went over to pervy’s house and asked if they could go inside and take a look around. to my amazement and utter bewilderment, they came back out less than 15 minutes later, laughing and shaking pervy’s hand. they found nothing. they didn’t believe me. they thought it was just a kid making up a story to cover the fact that she had broken into someone’s home and got caught inside.
but i know what i saw. and pervy knows what i saw. i don’t know how he did it. i don’t know where he put the body or how he hid it so quickly. from that day forward, i did everything in my power to stay out of his path no matter what and for the most part, i was successful. but i’m still waiting for the day that the truth comes out. and i have an odd feeling that pervy is still waiting to get his revenge.
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2021.10.23 02:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - US FDA says benefits of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for young children outweigh risks | South China Morning Post

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