Cycling and sperm amount (serious)

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2021.10.23 03:17 startingstrengther Cycling and sperm amount (serious)

I have a serious question that I don't know where else I can ask.
I've only been road cycling for a month now,
Having a little saddle discomfort, but not to the point of tingling sensation or etc. It's okay for 30min ride, and the pain goes away soon as I take off my bike and feels completely fine for the rest of the day.
I limit my ride to 40-50min a day. Been riding every single day since a month ago when I bought this road bike.
Main concern is I have a family history (my dad had prostate cancer) and I am very concerned that prostate health is a controversial issue (or is it?) in the cycling sport.
My biggest concern is that my sensitive area gets VERY "hot" after every ride. Is this normal? I dont think it's chafing. No red skin, no skin issue overall. Since I was young, I sweat a lot on my head and the prostate/genital area. Honestly, I wish I could remove entire chamois fleece-y material except the pads for sit bone.
AND I saw some research that HIGH temperature of that area decreases the amount of sperm (cum) when you masturbate. And I'm having this issue. The amount of cum is like 1/2 compared to before I started road biking.
Anyone having the same issue?
Is cycling really OK with male fertility?
I'd appreciate for any input.
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2021.10.23 03:17 Duggz74 Enjoying her forever home……She’s a Retriever X rescue and We’re looking for help with a name.

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2021.10.23 03:17 Akaza-Sucks69420 The servers are slow??

Hi ppl I just wanna ask, does it also happens to u that the servers are super slow? The daily chests doesn't load, the quests doesn't either, daily and weekly doesn't work... But anything else works??? Please tell me what's happening, Thanks
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2021.10.23 03:17 Gegenuebertragung hmmm

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2021.10.23 03:17 Empty-Initiative7040 looking for scholar can start now

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2021.10.23 03:17 Thrivehaze Quiet and misty canal, Utrecht, Netherlands.

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2021.10.23 03:17 cybernewtype2 Hmmmmm.....

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2021.10.23 03:17 FwDorisdavenport132 Do you think that if there had been a season 2 it would have been worse

I thought season 1 was phenomenal so not “worse” but like… bad. Bc I’ve seen some people feel that way based on what the writers had in mind for the second season
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2021.10.23 03:17 AnsgarUHAHA Romanus Calamitatis - AKA lets nuke Rome out of existance

Hello and welcome to my new(-ish) alt-history project. This entire project slowly evolved from "what if Europe was pagan?", but since then quite a few things have changed.
First and foremost was my decision to somehow remove Rome from the equation or contain it to the Itallian peninsula. And well probably half of people making alt-hist with Rome turn to the second punic war. So it's not surprising I did so as well. But to keep things interesting, my brain turned to the question "Hey why not just nuke Rome out of existence?" and since I thought it would be an interesting thing to consider the social reaction to the "wrath of gods" that's what I decided on. As such I turned to the Tunguska Event, a 12 megaton explosion that happened over Siberia in 1908. I hastened it's schedule so it arrives ~2000 years earlier to ruin the day for Romans.
The premise of the alt-hist is that sometime after the battle of Cannae, Rome is pretty much vaporized by this meteor. I think we can safely say that Rome wouldn't recover from that since well there is nothing to recover (a 16 km diameter circle of fire with pretty much 100% mortality would do that). But since I am no history expert I wanted to see what the hivemind of reddit can suggest to me what could have happened. I did some reading and here is a somewhat detailed timeline and a less detailed one.

  1. Sometimes after the battle of Cannae the "Rome Catastrophe" happens (I know the name is a masterpiece of creativity)
  2. Having it's leadership, biggest urban centre and surrounding area destroyed causes the Rome to collapse, many of their allies, vassals etc. smelling blood in the water fight to establish the new hierarchy.
  3. Carthage recovers it's territories that it lost during the first Punic War, gains Magna Graecia as a client state, centered on Capua, and consolidates it's hold over Iberia. (What's left of Roman army might try recreating the roman state. Not sure on this one yet)
  4. Since Macedonia tried aiding Carthage it doesn't interfere in Macedonian plans to conquer Greece. Egypt is dismantled or greatly weakened by the Seleucids and Macedonians who then start vying for supremacy in the east.
  5. Carthage takes out it's trade competition in the form of Massalia subjugating southern France up to the Alps. They now control the entire trade in the western Mediterranean.
  6. There is a war between Seleucids and Macedonians, Carthage helps Seleucids in exchange for the territory of Epirus and possibly Illyria.
  7. Capua starts expanding north coming into conflict with roman successor states, dragging Carthage into a 3rd Punic War. It ends with another Carthaginian victory. The aftermath of the war sees Stalia (modern day Genoa) being occupied by the Carthaginians, and their Capuan allies extending their control north reaching the ruins of Rome.
  8. I am considering adding a 4th Punic war but am not so sure about it yet.
And here are a few of the broader things that I think might happen
  1. Seleucids last longer taking over anatolia and maybe expanding north to the Caucasus. (2nd-1st century BC)
  2. Carthage expands along the coast of Africa towards Egypt and maybe into the Atlantic coast of Africa (there were expeditions there in our times so I can't see why they wouldn't set up at least an outpost).
  3. Germanic tribes push deeper into Gaul solving the problem of Alsace-Lorraine once and for all. (around 1st century BC)
  4. Vercingetorix leads a coalition against them, and manages to stop them from cutting far into Gaul. Nonetheless Germanic raids and conquest start slowly chipping away at Gaulish territory, with Helvetii and Belgae being pushed away from their territory. The Belgae move west and settle in modern day Normandy. (~50 BC)
  5. Gauls being pushed out attack and conquer southern France from Carthage. Helvetii move south into Cisalpine Gaul (north Italy) (around 1st century AD).
  6. Slavic tribes push further west ie. Polabian Slavs are more prevalent maybe even settling Denmark (around 5th-6th century AD).
  7. Britain is a hard cause I didn't find a lot of info on pre Roman Britain so I dunno what to do with it. Probably will try somehow incorporating Boudicca into it.
  8. The bullet that shot admiral Yi early in Japanese invasion of Korea is fatal, leaving Korea without good naval commanders and allowing Japan to secure some territory in Korea (most likely Busan) after the war turns into a stalemate. Also stops Japan from going full isolationist (around 17th century AD) (this is pretty unrelated but I still wanted to include that as something that happens and my scenario my rules )
I know this may not be the most likely scenario but it is the one I came up with and well I call upon the infinite knowledge of reddit to help me see any mistakes in my predictions.
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2021.10.23 03:17 tonleben Stadt beantragt Pilotversuch für Tempo 30 in der gesamten Stadt, ausgenommen Hauptverkehrsstraßen

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2021.10.23 03:17 Shalom_boyo What’s the knife fork thing called and where can I buy one?

I’ve always wanted one of these, and I feel like it would be the best tool for camping.
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2021.10.23 03:17 elrosti000 Pink tourmaline

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2021.10.23 03:17 Obewyn Legal Ops Leaders’ Top Concerns: Technology, Data, Fighting for Talent

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2021.10.23 03:17 Own-Score1197 Hex Price Prediction Til Early 2022! PulseChain Launch Expectations, PulseChain Testnet & Fork!

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2021.10.23 03:17 chronicallypainted My Spooky Nails!

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2021.10.23 03:17 rimuru4257 Don't worry about it

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2021.10.23 03:17 hpabhiabhi हिमाचल की रहने वाली ट्रैवल ब्लॉगर की गई जान - Latest Himachal News in Hindi

इस गोलीबारी में एक जर्मन महिला जेनिफर हेनजोल्ड की भी मौत हुई है। हालांकि, वह कहां रह रही थीं, इसकी जानकारी अभी नहीं हो पाई है। Latest Himachal News in Hindi
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2021.10.23 03:17 Kerrawesome Advertising 100

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2021.10.23 03:17 Obewyn Inspirational Black figures in gaming and technology

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2021.10.23 03:17 Obewyn Watch now: Bloomington tower rises with changing technology – Bloomington Pantagraph

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2021.10.23 03:17 Obewyn U.S. Sports Technology Industry to 2026 – Key Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities and Challenges | News

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2021.10.23 03:17 Obewyn 3 benefits of using technology in the Mexican countryside

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2021.10.23 03:17 Obewyn U Power ties up with Bosch to collaborate on Super Board technology

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2021.10.23 03:17 MWillHero so, the moment I entered the game I said "fuck it, I want to do something stupid". I crafted the armor, the floating weapons, pick up garden buffs and went on badass. First try.

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2021.10.23 03:17 Frosty_Pineapple_668 le jour

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