My barber nicked me due to his negligence.

2021.10.23 02:17 728shduwjs9d My barber nicked me due to his negligence.

I have been to this place (famous store with multiple branches) a few times before and the service has been good. But today the barber I had didn't really seem that interested in haircut he was providing. While I am okay with the haircut I got, I feel like he was too unprofessional when it came to the overall cleaning and procedures you have to follow when giving a haircut. He was watching basketball and stopping every once in a while to take a look at the replays and forgot multiple times what number of machines he had previously used on my hair. While this doesn't bother me, I do really mind it if he nicks my head while using the machines carelessly. I immediately knew that he had nicked or cut off my skin from the amount of pain I could feel. He failed to acknowledge or apolgize for this and I didn't want to argue with him about this as there isn't anything he could do to take the skin cut back and I couldn't really see it properly at the time but did feel a sharp pain, I assumed that since he didn't tell me or did not use anything to wipe that side off, there was no cut. But when I got home, there was blood built up on this cut when I got home, and although it's a small cut, I was wondering if it is even worth it to take this to court. I have obviously taken pictures of the cut as evidence.
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2021.10.23 02:17 KamiShotz Concert

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2021.10.23 02:17 dmrcz $MVIS is what makes me shameful to wake up the next day

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2021.10.23 02:17 IMCCNJ Dr Najeeb Lectures Running a Fraudulent Criminal Enterprise

Dr. Najeeb is stooping to another low level..... removing my comments from the YouTube videos. Never mind, I will make new YouTube videos, along with the promotional emails I received for $5 and $10 and what the fraud doctor charged me fraudulently on my credit card. I am sure educating any new prospective people/students about fraud-doctor's fraud will let people decide if it’s worth it for them to be taken to the cleaners by a fraudster hiding behind as Dr. Najeeb. If the fraud doctor want's to continue to play games, then be my guest. I can assure you that you will not win in the eyes of your victims. I dare you to make things right, stop your fraudulent activities, practices and refund the ill-gains from your illegal activities. Try to earn an honest living,,..... and not hide between various address in Pakistan (your home country), London, and Florida. The fraud-doctor has time to remove my comments from his fraud video platform - YouTube videos, but doesn't have time to respond to my emails to the fraud-doctor. The criminal enterprise can make me stop posting and educating about his criminal activities by issuing a full refund of $99 back on my credit card.
Dr. Najeeb is a DISHONEST, SCAM ARTIST WHO ACTIVELY COMMITS FRAUD ON PEOPLE through his criminal enterprise. I received several emails last year from him for lifetime membership for $10, and $5. I decided to sign-up for $10 offer. Instead of charging my credit card for $10, he charged $99. I contacted COVID and was hospitalized for over a month, later my mother and sisters passed away from COVID. I was experiencing significant health issues and depression and did not check my credit card statement until recently and noticed the SCAM AND DECEPTIVE FRAUD by Dr. Najeeb. I contacted him via his and email addresses and as of today no response. He continues to ignore my emails to resolve his SCAM AND FRAUD. I am certain I am not the only victim of his SCAM and DECEPTIVE FRAUD.
If you experienced similar issues with the so-called Dr. Najeeb then please contact me. I am certain there are many other similar cases of fallen victims to Dr. Najeeb's scam and fraud, then there may be grounds for class action lawsuit. Filing complaints with State Attorney General's in United States and England, can get the States to ask YouTube to remove the illegal criminal enterprise from its platform.
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2021.10.23 02:17 111throwaway55555 digitalprincxss cancelled for child neglect

Last month she was arrested for leaving her child at home while going out clubbing. She received a tremendous amount of backlash regarding it at the time, then went silent for about a month.
She returned to tiktok/social media this week with a video to one of 6ix9ine's song, bragging that her case got dropped.
Very interesting strategy on her part. Instead of trying to apologize and hopefully redeem herself, she really leaned into it instead and tried to anger people as much as possible. She certainly has got all of the internets attention, but she'll forever be labeled as a bad person and a horrible mom. She released a statement exclusive to her onlyfans viewers, which will surely be another nice little payday for her.
What do you all think of this strategy? On one hand, I couldn't deal with being hated be so many people. However, there's something to be said about the fact that if she apologized instead, she could have very well have not been forgiven anyway, and had her online career inevitably fizzle out regardless. This way, she may get to cash in just enough to sustain herself, or maybe even maintain relevance long-term from having people hate-watch her.
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2021.10.23 02:17 turtleneckpie Yeahhh we saw that and we’re still confused? Is she sick

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2021.10.23 02:17 Paul16121L Saw this in October Qualifier

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2021.10.23 02:17 kirbo98 your faves could never

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2021.10.23 02:17 RiftZombY Does anyone know how crusade units are clasified?

This mostly has to do with how generals work.
like "crushing charge: +5 damage to all cavalry units" does that apply to mercenaries or only trained cavalry. what is a "special Purpose unit" is that anything that isn't infantry, archer, cavalry or spellcaster? whatever fills that spot?
it's really confusing.
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2021.10.23 02:17 cinnabunn004 Can’t Read Game

Whenever I try playing BOTW and Smash Brothers, the console keeps saying that both of the games are unreadable.
I did everything I’ve been told to, such as cleaning the cards a bit, updating the games and more, but it never works. The games themselves don’t look damaged at all and I never had anything happened to them either. Only thing Is that I haven’t played them for a long time and my switch is pretty old (4 years).
Does anyone know a solution to this?
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2021.10.23 02:17 yoongphoria [LF] Playground items [FT] Bells / NMT / Wishlist

Help a fellow player please. Willing to trade or pay. Anything ypu need. :)

Electric scooter (Pink / Yellow / Blue) Playground gym (Green) Drink Machine (Pink) Snack Machine (White) Cotton Candy Stall (Blue) Teacup (White) White redeo horse (3)
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2021.10.23 02:17 tekkenfanaticlfc Sasha banks

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2021.10.23 02:17 Guilty_Gur4248 I need some help, how should I Build and play The Lion? What cards should I hunt for?

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2021.10.23 02:17 L1bra_ Am I able to just stop my gudetama tomadachi

I got a gudetama tomadachi for my birthday and i started it but i learned how depressing it is and im not able to take care of it well anyways.. so bassically is there i way i can just stop the tomadachi?
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2021.10.23 02:17 nothornyalt66 It is now sadboihours

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2021.10.23 02:17 IntentionOwn4799 Considering break-up

We’ve been on and off for two years now. Every argument was about how little time we got to spend time with each other. At this point, I don’t feel like we could come up with any solution, but just endless cycles of the same argument. Background about us, I had a pretty good job that allows me to have a social life. He’s in sales and ngl his phone never stops ringing with messages (even on sunday, his day off). That’s how his nature of work is. He even has his own small business at home. I told him that if he has two draining jobs like that, he will not have time for himself, let alone our relationship. And it’s true. He hasn’t cut his hair for a whole month because he was so busy. We got some breaks in the past about the same issue. At one point we broke up and then he wanted to get back together, saying that he’s just changed his job. He will have more time for me. Guess what, its the same sales job in the same industry. Hes got even busier I tried to spend time with him. Sat sleep over and sunday night date. Sat is when hes always tired and just goes to bed. Sunday night there is something comes up that cuts our dates short. i’m tired of having this same argument for 2 years. My needs aren’t being met. Only time when we were truly happy was during lock down when we got to spend time on the phone. It really stresses me out. I just want an out :(
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2021.10.23 02:17 MaximilianKohler "Instead of a focus on restoring secondary bile acid generation, restoring the organisms that produce 5-aminovalerate or consume proline / glycine are more important" Bile acid-independent protection against Clostridioides difficile infection (Oct 2021, mice)

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2021.10.23 02:17 davenporter7 Santa Monica pier [OC]

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2021.10.23 02:17 TheBathCave I call it “starberry syrup”!

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2021.10.23 02:17 Ivysonset7 For you who once identified as gay or lesbian and discovered sexual fluidity....

... what was it like?
I guess what i want to know the most is how silimilar o how different it felt to interact with an opposite-gender partner compared to the same-sex ones
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2021.10.23 02:17 russo-russo Is me (18) leaving my family the right choice or am I gaslighting myself?

The short of it is that my family life is a mess and I'd hate myself If I stayed any longer. I nabbed all my important documents, found a friend to couch surf with, and talked to my school counselor. The only thing left is to transfer the money that's inside my joint account into a new account in a different bank.
I've been thinking about this for years, and have been planning this day for months, but now I'm getting cold feet. I don't know if I'm lying to myself, that the things I've experienced aren't as bad as I think they are, or that the resulting fallout would be worth my own happiness, so why not vent it all out.
God where do I begin.
My parents immigrated from Russia to the US and met here. I don't know much about my father's side, but my mother didn't have a great childhood. I'm not comfortable going into the specifics.
I was an annoying kid, I'll give them that, but they didn't know how to raise a child.
I've wanted to leave for a long time now, but I've only had the opportunity to since becoming an adult. I've planned
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2021.10.23 02:17 Open_Can9252 Should I just end it? or let things go the way are they going rn?

Hey Its Cash, 21M D-type guy from southern Asia. I've been into a D/s with my sub who is 23F S-type more experienced than me, Also a very good submissive. We were in a relationship since 5 Months, first long distance then she came in my city for studies and we were going great in the first half. But from sometime, we are having distances more than the playfulness. I thought of confronting her about but got nothing as a answer in return everytime. Its obvious that there is something running in her mind and I've been trying to figure that out since a month but failed everytime. Like we ain't having texts like before everything just changed in some time.
Now the Issue is I am thinking of calling things off, so that she and I both could get more time for ourself and she can just get a little space from me. I know most of you'll ask that why tf am I just sabotaging what I have, but I can't see her the way she is nowadays. All I feel is that she needs some space, and she needs time but she is not speaking that up. I once asked her about ending things between us but the answer I got in return was "I don't know", which is devastating as I never thought of this much uncertainty by her. I am just so confused of what to do and What not. Some advice and help will be appreciated.
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2021.10.23 02:17 Expensive_Ad7013 FTB

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2021.10.23 02:17 nsflbrowser123 Trouble with keybinds

I just installed archcraft today, and I can't seem to figure out how I can see what keybinds do what or edit my keybinds.
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2021.10.23 02:17 av0cad0-man Airpods gen 2 case is draining faster than the actual airpods

i recently bought a pair of new airpods gen 2, my airpods themselves actually last really long i can listen to them for 15-20 minutes with it only dropping about 3 percent but when i charge the airpods it takes the case about 20 percent to charge it from 70-100. Is this normal? can i fix it without returning the airpods?
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