2021 prolly gonna be best year in music history

2021.09.16 18:26 graveyardplugg 2021 prolly gonna be best year in music history

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2021.09.16 18:26 mayek123 more pics with more skin

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2021.09.16 18:26 mad_arrow The game didn’t expand the map until it was too late ending my chance for a score in the weekly challenge.

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2021.09.16 18:26 SherbetPure4488 75 Beacons in 7 days, probably 2 HNT in those days. Dissect this for me. Is 75 Beacons good and are the 2HNT coins consistent with the number of beacons I earned or is something off?

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2021.09.16 18:26 WI_LFRED Hanging a Microwave

Hi all,
I am hanging a full size microwave from a small standalone cabinet, and want to get some feedback on how much reinforcement I need. The instructions say the cabinet should be able to carry 150lbs. I have five cabinet screws holding the cabinet in the plywood behind it. The plywood is bolted directly into the brick wall behind it. I am wondering if I should add some toggle bolts into the soffit above the cabinet for extra support. Picture here
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2021.09.16 18:26 zxxtlz xqc should finish bloodwash that JUST came out this thursday :)

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2021.09.16 18:26 bluEmerald11 He watches

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2021.09.16 18:26 sesoyez Nurse says she's 'a little embarrassed' by union's opposition to B.C. vaccine mandate

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2021.09.16 18:26 are_you_my Does anyone recognize what game this is from?

Just looking to see if anyone recognizes this. Thanks!
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2021.09.16 18:26 yettanotherrguyy Need help for resetting ff completely and/or to fix lag

Firefox for windows
Whenever I play any other audio like playing chess, incoming whatsapp web notification or any other audio, it pauses/lags the video and sometimes chops the audio,
I even tried it in troubleshoot mode it behaves same, tried refreshing, reinstalling but I don't see any difference.
Here is an example video https://www.dropbox.com/s/6r2u6ovekmnfs8n/2021-09-16%2021-12-27.mkv?dl=0
Is there any I can fix it?
How to reset ff completely? even refreshing it keeps old datas
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2021.09.16 18:26 maddy_la_nuit Gnawn :))

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2021.09.16 18:26 Jadeeeeen Man I miss tf2

I’ve just been scrolling through my old posts and over a year ago I see posts on tf2. I can’t believe it’s been over an entire year since I’ve been playing, and that’s not even when I started. I don’t have any friends who still play and it’s been a while since I enjoyed it.
I haven’t really played a good session in the last couple of months. I watched Uncle Danes video about his server and uncletopia, which I had knew about before but I thought I might try it if I start playing it again.
I can’t be sure I’ll like it if I play but I hope I will. I have about 650 hours and most of it was from a few months. I remember saying I have 80 hours on a rocket jump server and being laughed at by a couple of guys. I remember seeing I had 250 hours and being so proud of myself. I remember hitting 450 hours and surpassing the friend who introduced to tf2 in hours. I remember hitting 600 and being so proud. It was crazy.
I used to have a steam account but my brother kind of stole it, and I was very pissed off by that so I refused to get steam again (very dumb of me). My friends told me to get tf2 and I didn’t for a while and I finally did, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the first games I’ve downloaded on my own account and only game in my favorites.
Thanks for reading my sob story or whatever this is, I just miss tf2 and I’m sure lots of you get the feeling.
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2021.09.16 18:26 mprogams What's a good salary?

I keep getting offers but I am not sure if I am being offered fair wages.
My stats are:
M I E 190k / 164k / 119k
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2021.09.16 18:26 neko_ashpj Disputing fair evasion for being in a wrong zone.

I got a 75 dollar fine today for being in a wrong zone. I Iive between Menlo Park and Redwood City stations which are in two different zones. I have a monthly ticket for zone 3 to 4 and pay a zone upgrade which is only 1 dollar if I have to go to Red Wood city. I forgot the zone upgrade this morning and was getting it as I board. The conductor caught me when I was getting my zone upgrade and decided to fine me. She wouldn’t listen to my reason or let me buy a zone upgrade said it’s not her problem. I know I am in the wrong for not upgrading the zone before I board but I spend thousands on Caltrain and never had any violation.
This is not important but I’ve seen her enough she’s always unfriendly and in a bad mood when checking tickets and she yelled at me today. But after I got the fine from her her mood and became super nice to all the passengers that got on after. Couldn’t help but think ruining my morning made her day lol
Anyways. Has anyone had any experience like this and did you get contested successfully? Advice would help thanks.
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2021.09.16 18:26 larryisen Bought some more PSLV 🦍🏴‍☠️🦍💪

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2021.09.16 18:26 Zealousideal_Ball308 Joe Rogans with us.

Hes said it before. But today’s podcast with Kurt Metzger. Talked about how Jehovahs Witnesses are a cult. And that you cant criticize the organization etc etc. Quick snippet. But he has such a huge following its nice.
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2021.09.16 18:26 rayjr1806 Need Phy SSJ GT Goku raimbowed/link leveled friend support for nuking the God event.

GLOBAL. 2508096104 is my friend code. Attempting to nuke the God event and I need a rainbowed (preferably link leveled but it dosnt matter to much) goku to try it out. Even 90% or two dupes with decent links and add + crit would help. I can change my support to a needed character of your own if that helps and I rotate supports daily.
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2021.09.16 18:26 rSlashPsycho Not sure when they added another Rainy Day poster of Spencer licking the knife, but I had to cop

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2021.09.16 18:26 RedmasterqQ What is this white wild tiny called?

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2021.09.16 18:26 chino-juanmrod01 CA any lawyers out there?

Hi! I'm located in San Diego CA and I wish to change my attorney. Long story short. I broke my left femur last year on the job. Anyone interested on my case. Please let me know. Thanks!
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2021.09.16 18:26 csummerss Why are we getting a Sabretooth series instead of literally any other interesting character that has been on Krakoa all this time?

Trying to wrap my head around the thought process of creating a series centered around a deranged cannibal who rapes and murders children rather than Gambit, Storm, Magik, etc.
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2021.09.16 18:26 NFTIES_1947 "Crypto Hearts" Price of MOM & DAD NFT will start from 50 ETH while others price start from 0.002 ETH. Giveaway will be announced soon.

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2021.09.16 18:26 TrollHumper I don't see how the Prisoner of Azkaban (book) is any darker or more mature than the previous two.

I keep seeing people call PoA darker and more mature than PS and CoS, but I just don't how that's supposed to be the case.
I mean, the Philosopher's Stone literally starts immediately after the murder of the infant hero's parents. Later in the book, that very same hero faced a troll, a giant three-headed dog, a killer vine plant, and the killer of his parents. Aaaaand he also killed Quirrell with his bare hands, by burning him with his touch.
In CoS, a monster went around the school, turning students and other creatures into stone. The hero was falsely accused of doing this and even he himself questioned if he might be guilty, while hearing ominous death threats in the walls. He also faced that monster, a giant snake, in combat at the end of the book (which almost cost him his life), saved a fellow student that almost got murdered, and killed his second bad guy, Diary Tom.
So, how is Prisoner of Azkaban any darker?
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2021.09.16 18:26 Bleep_Blorp28 Has anyone on here actually ever met Kanye?

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2021.09.16 18:26 WORM_BUNS 🔬 WORM Labs, Inc. 🔬 - A Study on Slither Head Shape and Hitbox (Part 2/2)

🔬 WORM Labs, Inc. 🔬 - A Study on Slither Head Shape and Hitbox (Part 2/2) Here's an illustration to help explain Part 1 better:
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