Valero (VLO) Restarts Operations in the Louisiana Refineries

Valero is the plan sponsor. Valero is an international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and petrochemical products. Valero owns 15 petroleum refineries with a combined throughput capacity of approximately 3.2 million barrels per day as of December 31, 2020 that are located in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. Valero Energy Corporation is a manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and petrochemical products. It operates 15 petroleum refineries in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, producing about 3.2 million barrels per day, and 14 ethanol plants throughout the U.S., producing 1.7 billion gallons per year and sells its ... SAN ANTONIO, June 23, 2021--Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE:VLO) ("Valero") announced today that it will host a conference call on July 29, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. ET to discuss second quarter 2021 ... Valero operates Diamond Green Diesel, a renewable diesel joint venture with Darling Ingredients , in Louisiana. Though still a small portion of its business relative to petroleum, the renewable ... Real time Energy News in the market. Read the latest headlines and updates on gas, oil and coal in the energy industry. Read the news as it happens.

2021.09.16 18:15 NewsElfForEnterprise Valero (VLO) Restarts Operations in the Louisiana Refineries

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2021.09.16 18:15 PersonalOwl1188 Deer Park WA to Duvall Wa ?

In looking referrals, warnings and quotes to have a Cevy pickup transported from Deer Park (Lost Lake) to Duvall, WA in September 2021
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2021.09.16 18:15 cavalodoclimalixo Fofo

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2021.09.16 18:15 Ok-Rice-8087 23m NYC summoning discord friends

Hey all so I'm legitimately looking for friends. I don't really care where you're from or what you look like but I'd prefer if you were from 18-26 years old. I just want to be able to talk to some new people about pretty much anything.
A little about me I have B.A. in Accounting but i know absolutely nothing about it and have little to no passion in the subject.
For those who care my mbti whatever is ISTP if you'd like to tell me about it or something go ahead lmao.
Videogames: The games I play mostly, are league, tft, Minecraft, terraria and a bunch single player RPGs. Chances are I'm familiar with whatever games you may play and I'm open to suggestions.
Music: I play a couple musical instruments so if you play any I'm interested in hearing about it.
Prefer if you add me on discord: hehh#1742
Also I'm only comfortable speaking to people who are 18+ thanks.
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2021.09.16 18:15 johnrock001 Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List

Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List -
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2021.09.16 18:15 IlPasse13 Let's make it clear about the "Fire Walk With Me" fan edits.

I decided to create this thread because I've been seeing a little bit of confusion about this topic in this other thread (
What is a "Fire Walk With Me" (FWWM) fanedit?
Well, that's an edit that adds to the movie in its original version as many Missing Pieces as possible, in the right spot. And that makes the film A LOT clearer and more understandable (I definitely think that this is the only way to watch and effectively appreciate this masterpiece).
How many FWWM fanedits exist?
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Teresa Banks and the Last Seven Days of Laura Palmer made by Q2 in 2014, it adds nearly 90 minutes to the original cuts (leaving out only 2 Missing Pieces). It is hard to find because the author decided to remove it from the internet. Imho that's the PERFECT cut.
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Extended Blue Rose Cut made by Agent Sam Stanley in 2017. That's a more "personal" edit, because the author decided to add only the Missing Pieces that he thought shouldn't have been cut from the original movie. It is available on
I'm ending this saying that owning these fan edits is illegal if you don't own the DVD/BR of both the movie and the Missing Pieces.
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2021.09.16 18:15 raulpicler HVAC returns on soft ducting

I agreed with contractor that they would use as much hard ducts as possible and soft would be a last resort. All supplies (not pictured are hard duct). And these 2 returns as mixed. There is not real reason for it not being hard. I think they got lazy, late, or both, and half assed the final stretch.
Is this something that would influence the efficiency? Is it worth calling them out on it? Thanks! Appreciate your inputs and all other stuff I learn from you here.
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2021.09.16 18:15 imcuddely1845 Ruling help

So my friends and I are having an mtg debate in hoping you guys can help settle. Here's the situation...
Creature is targeted with "long road home" and then while it's exiled it is targeted with "pull from eternity"
Question is, would the creature still return to battlefield again on end step since card has no stipulations that say it wouldn't it if it changes zone or that it needs to be exiled to return?
Bonus question, would exiling graveyard after pull from eternity make a difference?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.16 18:15 kameix1 My worst hundred and my best hundred

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2021.09.16 18:15 Hans-Dieter_Wurst How to get more Gold using the Defensive Blade Strategy #QuestTips

I have been wondering what, besides Dungeons and Side Quests, is the best way to farm gold when you are just trying to get your troops to level 10 as fast as possible. I’ll explain why using the Defensive Blade Strategy in level 40.5 is the best way to farm gold as well as telling how to pull it off in the most efficient way.
How much gold do you get? If you play island 47 (The last one) you get 620 gold per Quest Energie you spend, while i got an average of 700 gold (you could probably get even more with more experience and higher level troops) per Quest Energie when using the Defensive Blade Strategie in 40.5, that means you get 80 extra Gold per Quest Energie!
How does the strategie work? When using the Defensive Blade, the Pekka has a 40-70% chance to shoot a zap back for 100-250 damage (Depends on the item level), and stunns the building for 2 turns. When a defense is killed by one of those zaps you get about 50 extra gold, so your goal is to destroy as many buildings as possible with the zap from the Defensive Blade.
What items should you use? For the Pekka, you obviously have to use the defensive blade, for the Bombers I am using the Heavy Bomb, because you can easily regulate where the damage goes using retreats and for the Minions I am using the Revenge Gloves, because the Minions are supposed to deal as little damage as possible and almost never take damage in this stage.
How do you do it the best way?

  1. Create a combo with 4-7 Bombers to lower the hp of the defenses as much as possible without killing them. The Goblin Huts don ’ t matter because they never attack, so they can ’ t be killed by the Defensive Blades, but you should try to keep them alive.
  2. Before playing the Bombers, use your Zaps to reduce the hp of the buildings that would have a lot of hp left when playing the bombers.
  3. Play the bombers.
  4. Try to get Pekkas in the first row.
  5. Play minions/ Bombers in small combos to get the defenses to shoot your Pekkas in order for them to get killed by the Pekkas zaps, you can use your Bless Spells to prevent your Pekkas from dying.
  6. When you have no other option anymore, finish the stage using the troops you have left.

I hope this helped you, if I forgot something or if you have any questions, please let me know.Thanks for reading.
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2021.09.16 18:15 WildBuizel Is it finally over mom?!

Did we do it? Did we finally get through all the scenes we’ve already seen?!?! Are we gonna 2 full episodes of purely new content?!? Omg I could just cry!! (Inb4 they still flashback for like half an episode lol)
I must say, I knew this was gonna happen eventually but Sotsu is finally getting good!! /with 2 episodes left…
The reused scenes didn’t bother me much this episode since we at least got to see Hanyuu react and the rest were skimmed right through like it should’ve been for last episode… except that they really, obviously they were clearly going to do this, but they really left us on the same cliffhanger as… last year almost already? Jesus it’s been way too long coming. Sotsugou is torture when waiting for new episodes but I was always pretty confident it would be a great season once you can binge the whole thing in a couple sittings. Now to confirm whether or not we only have 2 episodes left…..
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2021.09.16 18:15 cenabollywood My golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome.

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2021.09.16 18:15 PrincePaulSMamakos Water Volume Comparison For Each Of The Different Moons In Our Solar System

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2021.09.16 18:15 Carbon_heart Rough diagram of my build plan. I need some help with questions I have.

Please ignore my lack of skill on producing a good diagram.
Case: O11 XL Fans: Lian Li UNI Fans Rads: HW Labs GTS on top, GTX on bottom CPU Block: Optimus Foundation AM4 GPU Block: Optimus FTW3 3080Ti (still waiting on stock) Tubing: Corsair Black Fittings: Corsair Gold Distro Plate: EK Reflections O11 XL Front

  1. I see every other build similar to this run radiator I/O tubing from distro plate (front of the case) to the rad (back of the case). I would rather just have the I/O of rads near the front and have short connections as shown in the diagram. Is this possible? Or is everyone else running long connections because short ones are not possible in this case?
  2. Airflow indicated by blue and purple arrows. I want to use the top and bottom as exhaust to minimize dust and blow air onto the rads. Is this sufficient? Or is it better to forget about dust and just use bottom as intake as well?
Any other suggestion? Recommendations?
Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
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2021.09.16 18:15 Vivecus_ Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini W/ 250 Ohm Headphones

Will my Mbox 2 Mini be enough to drive a pair of 250 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT990s? 32 Ohms seems way too little but would the jump to the 250 model be too much or just enough?
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2021.09.16 18:15 michelleinbal New Adam and Eve concept: Eve finding new ways to torture Adam. Will be part of a series. Back of a denim jacket.

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2021.09.16 18:15 Repelis_24 [H] Amazon us Sam's Club us Best Buy us [W] 80% Zelle

Comment first
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2021.09.16 18:15 paulyozz A really old sandy lane with gas lights

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2021.09.16 18:15 lioploum Putain de cafetière (ou le quotidien connecté d’un français moyen)

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2021.09.16 18:15 lucho7k [Mosaic] My 5x5 is finally completed! 6x6 here I come

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2021.09.16 18:15 Vinylwarrior UK - Daniel O'Donnell: 60 (Signed Exclusive)
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2021.09.16 18:15 FloridaIsHell Thanks I hate Boston Market

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2021.09.16 18:15 Horror_Retrospective Film Review: Halloween is Grinch Night (1977)

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2021.09.16 18:15 johnrock001 What are Manga and Anime?

What are Manga and Anime? -
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2021.09.16 18:15 mabbo_nagamatsu There are hardly any Next Level posts in r/nextfuckinglevel sub nowadays

Flame me all you want. Helping people is good, I get it, you're a hero, but there are better subs to post that like watchpeoplesurvive or humanbeingbros or heck, make a new sub altogether for that.
Also, don't post your kids/babies doing menial things. A baby snatches a spoonful of food with some background music? That's shitposting content.
Ironically, all the Next Level contents now go to Damnthatsinteresting while posts that should fit better in that subject are now in oddlysatisfying. What the heck is wrong with Reddit?
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