210830 Yuri Instagram Update

7,476 Followers, 1,423 Following, 1,087 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 🥑𝒀𝒖𝒓𝒊 𝑵𝒂𝒌𝒂𝒋𝒊𝒎𝒂🌼.*… 𝓎ℴℊ𝒶 ... Yuri陳怡叡. 117,736 likes · 429 talking about this. 陳怡叡(Yuri) IG:xx15995 (戲劇/廣告 演員)真心人電影有限公司 相關工作請聯繫 東東 0926929459 中華職棒樂天桃猿隊 RakutenGirls 球隊活動經紀:Stanley Line:fireglove21 電 0981887447 Jung Il Woo and Yuri will be reuniting in the upcoming episode of MBN’s “Bossam: Steal the Fate”! The historical drama is about the fateful romance that occurs when a mysterious rogue named ... 恒松祐里 Yuri Tsunematsu 猫が好きです。ポン酢も好きです。公式です! ️映画 「#凪待ち」「#タイトル拒絶」「#スパイの妻」「#殺カレ死カノ」「#アイネクライネナハトムジーク」「#散歩する侵略者」「#くちびるに歌を」 ️ドラマ 「#全裸監督」 「#おかえりモネ」 We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.09.16 16:57 ItsSArCaZm 210830 Yuri Instagram Update

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2021.09.16 16:57 Mocha_Desires2 [WDYWT] Bunny Boy

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2021.09.16 16:57 xo616 Legs reveal photo 💀

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2021.09.16 16:57 IAmTheCamp 2.4.7 Chat Bot


import java.util.Scanner;

public class BotTester
public static void main(String[] args) {

Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
//this is adding a scanner
System.out.println("Hello. What is your name?");
//this is printing a question
String name1= input.nextLine();
Bot kei = new Bot(name1);
//this is making a bot
System.out.println("What's the weather like?");
System.out.print("How many feet in a mile?");
//Pthese are telling said but what to do


public class Bot {

private String name;

public Bot (String yourName){
name = yourName;

public void greeting(){
System.out.print("Hello ");
System.out.println("! My name is Hal!");
System.out.println("How are you today!");

public void help(){
System.out.println("You can ask me about the weather,");
System.out.println("or how many feet are in a mile.");
System.out.println("I can even convert feet to meters!");

public void weather(){
System.out.println("Its always warm and dry inside your computer!");

public void feetInMile() {
System.out.println("There are 5280 feet in a mile.");

public void goodbye(){
System.out.println("It was nice talking with you!");
System.out.println("Have a great day!");

public void favoriteNumber(int yourNumber){
System.out.println("My favorite number is 8.");
System.out.print("That is ");
System.out.print(yourNumber - 8);
System.out.println(" away from your number");

public double feetToMeters(double feet){
double meters = feet * 0.3048;
return meters;

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2021.09.16 16:57 ServantOvBaphomet Kruspe on the Herzeleid cover: "We freaked... It was like an ad for a gay porno. We had to say, sort it out. Make us look straight again". Ten years later:

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2021.09.16 16:57 ThePeoplesPoom I miss my previous roommate’s dog after moving

I moved in with my partner a few weeks ago and I miss my former roommate’s dog so so much. I’m excited to finally have my own place, but I underestimated how much I’d miss the little stinker. Because I work from home I had nothing but time to grow attached to her dog. Long sniffy walks, training him and showing him new tricks, making him tasty treats - we were tight! I never realized how enriching a dog’s love could be until I spent time with the little loaf. Not to mention he is my favorite doggy breed: a pitty! It was an especially therapeutic experience for me as I deal with anxiety which was aggravated by the pandemic. Any advice on how I can fill this void?
PS my current apartment doesn’t allow pets so fostering a pretty pitty isn’t an option for me:(
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2021.09.16 16:57 Lmtguy Are there any collective works of tree information?

Like any encyclopedia of bonsai tree care information. Like, when/how to prune and water and their preferred environment for each tree individually? Some sort of reference guide? There must be I imagine.
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2021.09.16 16:57 Gari_305 Study: As a population gets older, automation accelerates

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2021.09.16 16:57 Albertjweasel The Playhouse in Morecambe has opened its doors and is ready to provide entertainment for the whole family

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2021.09.16 16:57 Beast_Mode0120 Onyx Un Appreciation Post

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2021.09.16 16:57 TheRazzDazzler18 Couple commissions for @gibi_the_wolf on Instagram (art by me)

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2021.09.16 16:57 imlitdyingshit What is the most arrogant, yet dumbest shit someone has posted on the internet?

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2021.09.16 16:57 nande_monai Girlfriend (21F) wants to be back together after having sex with another person.

Me and my girlfriend for last 2 years had been in a long distance relationship. We stayed together for 2 months during which it was magical, but then we went continents apart. Due to the long distance and our own personal problems we had fights and sometimes we thought we couldn't make it work. Still we tried to communicate and resolve the issues. We both told each other that we are soulmates and that we're going to live together and make all our dreams come true. Last month we had a fight again and losing my mind I said a few mean things. I apologized to her soon that evening and tried to make things better. She said she wanted time alone and went for a vacation. In the middle of it she said she wants to break up and not come back. I tried reminding her of the good things between us and I was willing to make all the efforts from my side. She kept being cold and distant for 2 weeks and then told me she wanted some time alone. I let her be on her own and after 3-4 days she contacted me and things started looking better. But still we didn't feel everything was fixed and we both felt confused where to go from there but I was absolutely willing to try make it work. Then she told me, she had been sleeping with someone for 3 weeks since she came back from the vacation. She said she doesn't feel love for this guy and she feels guilty about her action. I felt a breach of trust because we agreed to be loyal in a monogamous relationship to each other. She said that she holds the dream we had together quite dearly and she considers me the love of her life. She wants to me to be there with her. I love her a lot and I can let go of this incident because her love means more to me but I feel confused whether I'll be able to trust her the same and be in a healthy relationship. Idk how I should be and what I should expect from her side if we get back together. I don't know if it's better for me to move on and be on my own. I would like some advice on what to do. I feel she loves me but this incident also makes me feel that she knowingly did something that would hurt me and could be avoided.
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2021.09.16 16:57 HopeChadArmong913 Is making Diamond your first month of Apex good?

I just picked up Apex at the start of season 10 because it looked good, tried Ranked bc I was getting rekt and just made Diamond. Have I actually gotten good or is everything pre diamond easy?
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2021.09.16 16:57 Chrys6571 Goldshell Mini Doge Miner

I need some clarity, I just bought a gold shell miner yesterday and I spent the day watching setup videos etc. As I am looking to stop using my PCs for Mining and get into Asics mining.
In most of the vids i ve seen the tubers mention they are are able to make 1.xxxxx doge per day.
How is this possible if this thing supposdly has a 185MH?
I have 2 PCS mining 24/7 , 1 with an AMD 6800 XT Mining at 56Mh the other Mining with CPU (intel 11900K) 2400H and GPU AMD 6900XT 59.x Mh. WIth these 2 GPUS and 1 CPU I can clear 30Doge per day easy. So what am I missing that at 185MH can only clear 1.x Doge per day?
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2021.09.16 16:57 LordDio707 Time is running out. And you did nothing to assist them.

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2021.09.16 16:57 BlackAndroid18 How to prevent line breaks from being encode on encode and decode from tools in owasp zap for xss payload?

Is there a web tools out there that encode multply xss payload without encoding the line breaks?
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2021.09.16 16:57 Savaralyn Witch Hat Atelier Chapter 32 - Recolor

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2021.09.16 16:57 Fishermichaels Miles’s Mom must be on Reddit

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2021.09.16 16:57 HadesGeneral Do I need anything else?

Hi, new to taking care of geckos. I recently got this, listed below, Zoo Med 10 gallon tank kit that says it has everything, but I wanted to make sure with you first. I got a hide away, tweezers, and a mushroom ledge thing for more places to lay. What would you guess recommend on setup, what else to get, or anything else that would be helpful. I'm super excited but also super nervous. This will be my first one, of many I hope.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.09.16 16:57 thesaucemasterr happy hatchback thursday

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2021.09.16 16:57 citricacidx Launch Rocket League with Command Line to skip tutorials?

Part 2 of my setting up Rocket League on school computers problems. Our computers have something called DeepFreeze on them. Essentially, because many different students use the computers each day, it would eventually fill up the hard drive with all their files (these computers are also used for Adobe CC classes). DeepFreeze "freezes" the state of the computer so when it restarts, whatever was saved to the hard drive previously is like it never happened. SOOO, every time someone signs into a computer and launches RL, it thinks it's their first time opening even if they've completed the tutorials before.
tl;dr - Is there a way to start RL with some CLI launch options to skip the tutorials?
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2021.09.16 16:57 fumanchu314159265 FI and Involuntary Retirement

I found myself accidentally FIRE'ing in my mid 50s after my (previously very good) work situation deteriorated. I've become aware that involuntary retirement, or being forced into worse job fit or less pay, is quite common (TLDR: More than half of older U.S. workers are pushed out of longtime jobs before they choose to retire, suffering financial damage that is often irreversible). In my case, being at the tail end of a FIRE trajectory provided a cushion that protected me from a potentially unpleasant scramble.
Are some of you using FIRE planning as a hedge against involuntary job downturns? It seems this might well be an important selling point for the approach, even for those who love their jobs and want to keep at them for a long time.
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2021.09.16 16:57 Uncorrupted_Psyker New Kill Team starter set,including all the miniatures from Octarius.

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2021.09.16 16:57 bluering SwiftUI doesn't offer a reverse mask modifier: let's create one ourselves, using *five* lines of code!

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